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On this web site you can get fully acquainted with the trade workshop "Grifon leather" and with our work and get all the necessary information about us and our products. The trade workshop "Grifon leather" is new in the world of leather goods only by its name, because this workshop has a tradition fifty years long. In 1957 the craft union "Aligator" was founded in Novi Sad. It dealt with making leather goods of highest quality and it cherished the spirit of old craftmen's trade.
In the following years this craft union got transformed into several trade workshops which retained the quality of the goods and their production.
Nowadays, after many years, the spirit of old craftsmen is revived. The sons of the people who started making high-quality hand-made leather products in 1957 continue with their work. With a new name, "Grifon leather", they carry on with the tradition of old trade. Hand-made goods, modern design, production quality and competitive prices are the key of success of this workshop.

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